Embracing Our Mission

by David Batcheller

In the year prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, I was busy writing my book entitled Global Impact: Preparing the Church for the Last Days. Then, only weeks after it was published, and while I was in Medellin, Colombia, the pandemic hit the world in full force. I immediately felt like the global trends I had written about had been thrust into overdrive. The world was suddenly plunged into massive fear and uncertainty. Governments around the world scrambled to react and make sense of the situation, and then one by one they all succumbed to the pressure and mandated health and travel restrictions. After 6 more weeks in quarantine in Colombia, I finally relented and took a “humanitarian flight” back to the U.S. But the crisis has continued now for over a year and a half, with no real end in sight.

In my book, I outlined trends that had been taking place for many years in the United States and across the world. Key among these were world globalization, continued decline in morality and in the Church, and increasing levels of socialism and government controls. I also pointed out that these trends, and many more, were clearly signs of the rapidly approaching times which the Bible refers to as the last days before the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. The principle thrust of my book was to awaken and urge the Christian Church to become prepared for what was on the horizon. And then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, the reality of this all was right in our faces!

During this time, I had been also considering the formation of an online community that would alert and equip the ill-prepared Church to not only face the hard times coming, but to regain the vision and responsibility of our calling to shine brightly and impact this world of darkness. I believed that God had, over many years, given me a revelation of His purpose for the Church in the end times, and I felt compelled to do something about it.

I have been deeply troubled by most of the Church’s response to the confusion and deception which surrounds these trends, and the Corona virus in particular. Fear and a sense of compliance has gripped the Church nearly as much as with those who are not believers. Here in Ecuador, this situation seems even more serious. And now, after a highly disputed election in the U.S. and the accelerated agenda of the Left, we are now embedded in even deeper problems that threats our nation.

Many believe that we are at an unprecedented crossroads in American history, one that will undoubtedly have tremendous impact upon the entire world. I believe that we are witnessing an unfolding of events that will continue to disintegrate, setting the stage for the drama and challenges of the last days before the return of Christ!

With this in mind, I encourage you to purchase a copy of my book to find out more. You can do this right now by clicking on this link. It is also available in Spanish. It would also help me a great deal if you would let me know if you are interested in the type of online community which I mentioned before. This community would provide a platform for learning, interaction, and mutual support for Christians who are concerned and motivated to truly impact our world for the kingdom of God in the midst of these turbulent times. Just click here or send me a quick text or email.

I firmly believe that God remains in full control of the global situation, and that He is allowing things to go in this direction in order to carry out His ultimate plans. Not all is “gloom and doom”, for I am convinced that part of God’s end-time plan is to restore the Church and prepare the Bride of Christ for His return. I also believe the Bible teaches that there is yet to come a massive spiritual revival in the midst of the chaos and suffering. We are living in these exciting times and have an awesome opportunity to be the hands and feet and mouthpiece of God to a hurting, chaotic world! I pray that God will open your heart to seriously consider these things, because you can become a vital part of this mission.


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