by David Batcheller

August 1, 2020


Author’s Note: This article comes from assignments in my recent Spanish class at Roca Blanca Spanish School in southern Mexico. It was originally written in Spanish in four parts.


Part One: The Origin of the Covid-19 Virus


The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of over 675,000 people and we are still in the midst of this crisis. The events are unprecedented and have transformed our entire world in a very short time.

The origin of the Covid-19 virus has been widely debated, but it remains a mystery. Scientists, government leaders and many others have advanced theories but the collective intelligence of the world seems unable to provide definitive answers.


Was this pandemic caused by an accidental or deliberate release of a virus in China? Was it a virus transmitted to humans by bats or some other animal? Or was it some kind of evil plan, spurred by a lust for power, financial gain or even the result of the rapid deployment of 5G networks in many parts of the world? It seems that we will never know for sure, because we are now focusing on fighting the spread of the virus. However, when the next global crisis arrives, it will capture our attention and we will stop asking these questions about Covid-19.


What we do know for certain is that our world has been pushed into a state of fear, chaos and increased government control. Our leaders and the media have been successful in that regard, while claiming to be our guardians and protectors.


Many Christians have also been enveloped by fear and panic, but some have realized that there may in fact be other evil forces at work to bring our world closer to the end times and to the return of Jesus Christ. As believers, we should always remember that our hope and trust should be in God alone.


Although the world has been drawn into an unprecedented global crisis, we must remain firmly focused on the Lord, as well as on our mission to a lost and dying world.


Part Two: Covid-19’s Long-Range Effects


The devastating effects of Covid-19 in the short run are obvious: great loss of life, health and economic crisis, and many changes to our lives. I recently read two articles, the first by a group called the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and the second by World Economic Forum. Both groups cast a long shadow of our future because of the Corona-virus. The first group group has actually developed a long range plan they have called “Vision 2050.” In this plan, they map out a detailed, elaborate plan that involves many fundamental changes to our way of life.


Covid-19 has caused many health effects and social changes. There is also now a greater risk of increased social inequality, deprivation and mental health problems. My quick search on the Internet revealed that the world is already full of endless opinions, analyses and speculations on this subject.


Generally, the people of this world think that they can solve all the problems of the world. Their beliefs are rooted in their misguided self-confidence, apart from God. As Christians, we realize the Bible predicts these growing trends as we approach the last days. Yet, most believers will continue to be swept away by the tides of public opinion and the fear that has been created from this crisis. Coming events will soon deepen these problems and bring us much closer to world government, mass deception, and ultimately, the return of Christ.


Part Three: Covid-19: Which is worse: the pandemic or what will come later?


Everything that has happened as a result of the Corona-virus in 2020 has been terrible. Especially the loss of many lives and many problems with health, the economy and trade. To make matters worse, underlying all this is the basic loss of personal freedom and the changes that are taking place in our daily lives.


In a very short time, our world has been fundamentally transformed. Many would have us believe that all this is caused by the random appearance of a virus that somehow eluded our modern science and medicine and then spread throughout the world. However, some of us, a very small minority, tend to believe that there are other forces at work with this crisis. While the masses are told what to believe and critics of official stories are ridiculed and marginalized, some still question and seek to know the truth.


My own convictions have led me to ask a burning question: what is worse, the pandemic or what will come next? While most people generally focus on what is right in front of their noses, it is becoming obvious that the long-term effects of this pandemic may be much worse than the crisis itself. Please consider these points:

  1. Our world has been pushed into a “new normal” of a constant environment of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.
  2. This crisis has given governments around the world the opportunity to gain much more control over their people.
  3. This has resulted in a great decrease in personal freedom and more layers of government restrictions.
  4. Many more steps have been taken to bring our world closer to global instability and financial collapse.
  5. This is likely to lead to further restrictions, control, loss of personal freedom, financial collapse and discussions about creating a unified world government.
  6. All these things are being fed by this climate of fear.


Driven by this climate of fear created by our governments and the media, we are on our way to becoming restricted, masked, silenced and socially alienated pawns in some elaborate game of chess. And I too believe that it is no accident that all this is happening as we approach what many predict will be a volatile election in the United States later this year.


As a Christian and a person who firmly believes in the personal freedoms and rights God has given us, which are guaranteed by the United States Constitution, I choose to follow a different path. In my opinion, the worst of this current crisis is yet to come. The writing on the wall is becoming more visible now, and the line that will divide true followers of Christ and the rest of the world has become clearer. I hope and pray that Christ’s Church will wake up and embrace our true mission during these difficult times.


Part Four: Embracing Our True Calling as Christians


Another burning question I’ve had lately is, after 2000 years and in the midst of this global crisis, has the mission of Jesus’ church changed? Of course not!


While culture develops and evolves, while governments rise and fall, and while customs, traditions and methods may change, the mission of the Church does not! Even in the midst of this crisis, our mission is the same: “Go and make disciples of all nations.


Motivated by Christ’s sacrificial love and His final command to us, we must recommit ourselves to share the gospel with those who live without a personal walk with God in this world of sin, fear and uncertainty. We must share with others the love and new life that has transformed our lives.


In these last days, as the world falls apart, I believe that the true church will be restored and raised up to complete its mission. With renewed passion and a sense of purpose, I believe that the bride of Christ will be purified and prepared for the coming bridegroom.


Although we will face much mockery, deception and persecution in the days ahead, we must embrace with faith and courage our true calling as followers of Jesus. The world needs us now more than ever! We have the answers to the questions and fears the world faces.


The life and message of Christ is the hope for this world, and I believe that if we really listen and learn, God will reveal to us how to prepare ourselves for the difficult times that are to come. He will guide and protect us while we continue to reach out to this hurting and lost world.



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